Beloved souls,

It is characteristic for the human mind to project its dreams, beliefs and desires to the "outside world". It is satisfactory to see, that the copenhagians understand the dangers of hubris, since they remind themselves of the vulgar crimes of Marsyas, who dared to challenge yours truly. Here rightfully humiliated by my half-sister Athena, Marsyas is a poor musician and an idiot. Copenhagians are wise to learn from his example and I will, mercifully, let them keep on wearing their skins.

Circling the town, we contemplated on the ways we are desired and praised in the world of human and non-human nature alike. Dionysos is absorbing the vegetative powers of the ivy.

In general we are pleased by all expressions of "the spiritual" realm, since they serve as markers of the intention to transcend the human condition. That is the sole intention they should have. As long as they know who to obey, enlightened or not.