Beloved souls,

The first three extremely beautiful protagonists entered the Cave today. They are obviously already both sensitive and intuitive, and thus prone to this kind of in-depth inquiry into the true and real. In the first act, Shadows of Afrodite, they all make a crucial choice, one that is virtually impossible to explain here, through this limited medium. And like in the video of my last post, time slowed down by the graces of the goddess of love.

Dionysos was building his shamanistic den to the living room, debating with pixies and drumming away. From visit to the den, I gathered that if I would live as a human, I would need to consider life, and every single day of it, as a real playground. On which you do not waste chances or time, do not belittle your powers, and do not pretend that you are not the subject. You all can communicate with gods, and use our forces, please do so.

As for myself, I have no other choice but to empathize with the protagonists and thus I need to explore my own true nature. For that, one of the best methods is to become the body of Dionysos, my southern (and fatter) pole. Through my opposite, I will know myself. And like you all, who have obviously visited my temple at Delphi, know, when you enter my house, you take on the mission to know thyself. As Dionysos, I touched nature, and all the plants living inside the Dome.