User's manual, draft#1 The tram is a mobile observatory for urban explorers. Here are some basic functions and tools for this unique collective vehicle.

1. The Eye The eye represents the state of observation, which is the ground level of the passenger function of the tram. It is also the borderline area between the passenger and the outside world.

Free observation. Take 5 minutes just for observation. You can observe anything and in any way. Just focus solely on observing.

Focused observation Choose a theme for your observation. For example: colours, movement, weirdness, breathing, garbage, fumes. Observe for few minutes with the theme. You can also switch the theme when needed.

Bodily observation While observing, move inside the tram. Sense in any way you can. Use the eyes of the skin. Switch your posture, viewpoint or rhythm. Copy, comment or emphatize your observations with your body.

2. The Window The window is a lens with which the environment of the tram can be altered. It is also the borderline between the community of explorers and the urban jungle.

Safari Take everything out of the obvious setting: you are using the city and its habitants as your material, viewing it from an ivory tower. You are safely detached and rightously irresponsible. Be shameless in your colonialist position. Photograph. You own the city.

Prison Focus on detachment: you have no effect on the outside world. You can do nothing to that man, you have no power over that street of building. You can't even lift that cigaret but from the ground.

Headlining While watching a scene through the window, write a title to it with an invisible pen. For example ”Addictions”, ”At noon”, ”Habitual patterns” or ”Realm of the invisible”. Contemplate the scene.

3. The Co-Passanger As stated, the tram is a collective vehicle. You can use this feature for your benefit and pleasure. It can greatly improve the quality of your exploration.

Conversational observation Take a partner for a joined observation. Take first a moment to settle into the observational state of mind and then start a dialogue by stating some observations out loud. You can freely discuss, associate and come back to pure observations at times.

Gifts You can give a gift from the out-tramly world to a fellow passenger. Gifts are at their best when they are personal, so you can get to know the receiver a bit to choose something suitable. Or you can just use your intuition. As the window is an unpenetrable border, the gifts can be only of virtual nature, although no less real than tangible ones. This makes it even better – you dont need to be able to carry the gift home with your muscles.

Memories Memories can be given out as well, or they can be seen as one veriety of gifts. Memories are brought out by something observed in the city, but they need not concern this particular city. They only need to be yours so you can give them out.

4. Improvisation Impro is a form of action possible in any situation. It can lead to repeating the routines and roles you always use, or to using the environment in the most creative way. Do anything you like – take a tourist position, chat freely, be passive or use the tools presented above in your own way. Enjoy.