Yesterday, Pekko and I spent the whole day at the Pixelache Camp. The day began att 11am with a short introductory session, which we initiated by introducing a small interaction score. After that, the participants filled in the schedule for the day; anyone could propose an activity or a presentation and choose a slot for it. Pekko and I signed up to do a workshop on utopian collaboration. We designed a score where the participants would divide into four Tactical Utopia Units; each unit would have the task of redefining the use of a particular space or setting and redesigning the conventions present in that space. Each person would also choose a specific perspective or focus, which would allow the unit to cover a wider range of possibilities. The results people came up with were quite inspiring and evolved (especially considering that we only gave them 10 minutes to work on it). My personal favorite was the proposal for a new communication system for toilets, which would allow a person to chat or talk with another person in another toilet somewhere in the world.

All in all, it felt like we fit in the crowd and were able to contribute something worthwhile - mainly just by replacing digital media with actual lived situations and asking people to work on them together. The cross-fertilization felt fruitful in many ways. The thought processes and the technologies that are available to us may be different by they can still be shared and applied. It's just a matter of mobility, flexibility and availability.

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